At 5 km from Braga in Portugal, there is a vehicle running on water


Conceived by Handbook Joaquim Gums, the ascensor is a
tram allowing to take along the tourists at the bottom
of a hill towards the sanctuary « Bom Jesus do monte »



Two trams traverse the hill constantly. Both comprise tanks being able to contain a large quantity of water. When one of the two trams arrives at the higher station level the driver fills the water tank coming from a lake located higher on the hill.






During this time the tram located at the lower station empties its tank, evacuated water carries at about half his way upon its way.. The difference in mass between the two vehicles is enough to give energy necessary to move up the tram located at the lower station.





A cable and a brake on a toothed-rack are enough to ensure the vehicles in their courses.


Thank you to Jose for the pictures

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