The expression “Tower water” comes out in the French language in 1704. It indicates the works the family works of the castellum inherited from the Romans. The latter had reached a perfect control of the water conveyance thanks to their aqueducts. The water tower is part of the water tanks, it is a significant component of the distribution network. When […]

At 5 km from Braga in Portugal, there is a vehicle running on water   Conceived by Handbook Joaquim Gums, the ascensor is a tram allowing to take along the tourists at the bottom of a hill towards the sanctuary « Bom Jesus do monte »     Two trams traverse the hill constantly. Both comprise tanks being able to contain a […]

  The total volume of drinking water accounts for approximately 3% of the total volume of water on ground. Indeed, the major part of water is in the oceans and the seas. The drinking water is essential in the human society for the production of resources through irrigation, the agriculture and the industrial production related to the raw material transformation. […]

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